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Alyssa Osterhout

Alyssa Osterhout

Personal Training

Fayetteville, AR
NASM Certified

I was born with disformed hips that made me venture into sports like soccer and dance to help train/build muscle to help prevent surgery. Through my journey of training, I found a love for competitive dance and cheer where I found a challenging atmosphere where I could thrive. The more I dove into these activities, the more injuries I started having and this is where my passion for learning the body and its’ mechanics came to be. Now, I love sharing my experiences and continued education with others. I’m the youngest of two children in a military family and I married my high-school sweetheart. We live in Bella Vista with 3 beautiful huskies that really keep us on our toes!

Specializes In

I focus on teaching tools to help train your mind, body, and soul. I create a program tailored for my clients to help them get their bodies through the challenges it faces while being aware of goals and overall wellbeing.

Coaching Approach

Any movement where you can forget you’re actually working out. I am compassionate with a sense of humor, so expect extra ab work!


"Don’t rush your growth, it’s a natural process"